General Risk Advisors, LLC


Our goal is to provide solutions for investment managers to effectively utilize data to better understand the risks within their portfolios and advise them in a manner consistent with associated business objectives. We seek to provide risk management guidance and oversee risk workflows, while enabling our clients to ration complete control of the process.


General Risk Advisors, LLC is a risk solutions enterprise, formed and managed by a group of risk practitioners with a collective six decades of experience in the field. General Risk Advisors, LLC is led by Ken Grant, who has served as the Head of Risk Management at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and notable hedge funds such as SAC Capital Advisors and Tudor Investment Corporation. General Risk Advisors, LLC works with a broad range of clients including Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds, Exchanges, Banks, Family Offices, and Mutual Funds and other risk sensitive entities.

Our Approach to Risk Management

In our many years of collective work in the field, we have developed an approach that is driven by the following principals:

Risk Management
is a Business Function

While risk management specialists are typically and appropriately charged with overseeing routine risk operations, decisions as to overall Risk Control objectives, protocols, applications and resource allocation are business matters that are under the purview of an enterprise’s Senior Management. As such, we believe our ideal role is to guide this business decision-making and to work with our clients to ensure efficient execution.

Risk Management is Most Effective
when Simplicity is Guiding Principal

In our judgment, the most useful risk tools, of both qualitative and quantitative natures, are those that express risks simply. This applies to reporting suites, interpretation, and messaging. General Risk Advisors, LLC therefore strives in its risk advisory efforts, to convert complex inputs into the simplest achievable content, for quick, easy utilization by audiences of different orientation, bandwidth and level of sophistication.