Products & Services

The services provided by General Risk Advisors, LLC include Risk Reporting & Advisory, Risk Audits & Assessment, and System & Database Capabilities. These services are available on a regular or an ad hoc basis, and are tailored to clients across various strategies and sizes. Through these and other similar codes of action, General Risk Advisors, LLC seeks to customize its service to the precise needs of its clients, as driven by carefully formed business objectives.

General Risk Advisors, LLC is one of the only risk solutions firms that not only produces risk reporting and analytics, but also works with clients to ensure that its content is optimally understood. This element of the process includes both discussions with internal personnel as to the pertinent factors contained in the reporting framework, and interacting, as appropriate, with outside parties (e.g. investors, governing bodies) to ensure that the salient points that prevail within given portfolios are clearly understood.

General Risk Advisors, LLC also provides articulation of risk-related content to internal audiences, current and potential investors, and other stakeholders. This articulation can take the form of regular meetings, a written summary, or a combination of the two.

Risk Reporting
& Advisory

  • Daily production & monitoring of the following:
  • P&L Analysis
  • Exposure Summary
  • Value at Risk & Stress Testing
  • Factor Sensitivities Analysis
  • Liquidity Analysis
  • Dashboard Compilation
  • Company managed interaction with risk-takers, investors and regulators
  • Routine written communications as to risk trends and issues as they arise

Risk Audits &

  • Risk & Control audits and assessments for internal or external reporting
  • Formal reporting of findings and recommendations

System & Database

  • Design and implementation of risk analytics platforms
  • Database development and maintenance
  • Data sourcing and aggregation automation capabilities